Thursday, August 28, 2008

Feels Like Fall

It's been September weather for virtually all of August - mild, in the 70s and low 80s F, and in the 60s at night. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not tolerate heat well, so summer is often a miserable time. I live on the top floor of my smallish apartment building, so on those dog days of summer, it can be unbearable. Anyway, enough about that, the weather this August has been glorious and I have been motivated to bring out the unsold autumn merch from last year as well as make some new pieces, which I did last night while watching Night 3 of the DNC.

The newest item is a bracelet chock full of all of my autumn-themed charms and some truly mouth-watering glass leaf beads. It's my favorite season and if I really let myself do it, I would decorate for Halloween all year long. Remember when orange wasn't a fashion color? Hell, it wasn't a color you saw anywhere except possibly children's clothing. Hard to believe now, when it's everywhere, but there was once a time when orange and bright green could not be found in the stores. Whenever I did a show that required a spectrum rainbow, it was tough, as orange and green clothing was never in the stores and had to be made.

I remember when Banana Republic first featured orange clothes, and rushed in to buy a boiled wool sweater and soft silk & wool scarf in that delicious color. Even though I grew up with an orange 70's kitchen, with severely orange formica counters, which you'd think would have put me off the color forever, with dark brown wood cabinets with textured orange glass windows, I have always loved the color and have to stop myself from buying orange and more orange come fall.

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