Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Go Fish!

I have neglected this blog terribly, and feel as if I am committing a Sin of Marketing as a result. I've had a busy Spring, worked on a commercial and fashion shoot, dealt with some special commissions, and tended to my home and family life. I'm also trying to save some time for myself to just read or sleep - if you knew me, you'd know just how radical an idea that is.

I have had some new ideas for jewelry germinating, and finally got around to making necklaces from the plastic fishing lures that fell into my lap, courtesy some fantastic neighbors who fish. I've thought about what beads to use and spotted some vintage moonglow lucite beads, that I've never really gotten into, that suddenly seemed to be the solution. They come in all manner of shapes and sizes, and are so playful and innocent. A small horde of purchased moonglow and assorted other beads from my stash later, I had a nice colorful pile of candy to play with, and had fun making some new ones. I posted a few months ago about the convertible necklace - shorter necklace-bracelet that was my first effort. (Scroll down the page a ways.)

I'm happy with how these three new ones turned out; one is listed at Etsy and the others will be up later this week.

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