Sunday, August 2, 2009

New This Weekend

Chalcedony and Rutilated Quartz for cooling summer jewelry...I found some pretty stones locally and was inspired to make these pieces. I gravitate toward green - there is tons of the color in my shops and I have to remind myself sometimes to add other colors!

I combined aqua amazonite, minty jade, crystal beads and chalcedony in this new necklace. It's 24 inches long and goes over the head easily.

I also have a bracelet that so simple in chalcedony and sterling silver.

This rutilated quartz has subtle needles throughout. I saw some clear and black rutilated quartz, but the stones weren't as polished as I'd have liked. Next time - I am entranced by that color combination, but this soft green bracelet is most Serene and Calming.

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