Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bat Mad

I finally found a use for a bat stamping that I bought this summer. It's quite hefty for a stamping (copper) and very nicely detailed. I only bought one, so this necklace is one of a kind. I posed this necklace with some beautiful red and black antique books (in French) from the Argosy Book Store in New York City, that I make a point to visit whenever I am near Bloomingdale's, which is not often, these days. Argosy had some very beautiful rare books, maps and prints and autographs, but it also has plenty of affordable items that they place outside for perusing. Last week there were coffee table books for $10, and the books I bought were $3 each, from an estate library, no doubt, and books are often gone in minutes. I have found some excellent photography and art books for almost nothing - it's a danger zone for me, but the antique books were crying out to join my already massive library. If you're interested, I recommend visiting them when you're next in NYC.

I already have bats in the shop, my bat bracelet that sells all year round, and cute little matching bat earrings, complete with tiny glass bright red blood drops.

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