Monday, July 11, 2011

Honoring Severus Snape!

Just in time for the last film (for now), I finally got down to making some Severus Snape worship lockets. Who doesn't love Alan Rickman, and his peerless portrayal of the beloved/hated Potions Master from Potter-land?

I love this full costume shot from Warner Bros. (above) I'm sure that there are some interesting details in this ensemble (and its variations) that are between the actor and the three costume designers who have dressed him over the years: Judianna Makovsky, Lindy Hemming, and Jany Temime. I would love to know what Snape wears when he's not "working"...wouldn't you? We did see him at home in "The Half-Blood Prince", but sadly, he was in his school attire. That particular set by Stuart Craig was wonderful - I found this still from Fanpop that is a rehearsal shot. I would love to know the titles of some of thos ebooks that are not magic-related, and get a good look at the art he had on his walls and the furniture and linens. A lot of detail was lavished on a set that didn't get much screen time - I hate it when that happens!

Finally made the time to work on the graphics (the most time-consuming aspect of these kinds of pieces) and have begun listing them at Etsy, then will follow at Artfire. I have seven, plus a new "Twilight" locket, and will get them in the shop by tomorrow. It was a busy day here today. The Snape and Lily necklaces are very limited, and one id definitely OOAK.

Not Snape-oriented, but one to commemorate the last book and film.

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