Monday, August 15, 2011

New Scarab Necklaces

I've had these for ages, and took advantage of yesterday's steady rainy weather to stay inside and make some necklaces. I should try some earrings, though they may be too heavy.

Each necklace is usually different, depending on what chain and coordinating beads I have on hand. I love those tiny teal iridescent glass rondelles and hand-wrapped a rosary style chain for that necklace.

The bright blue is a new color variation that one of my suppliers had in stock. It doesn't have the vitrail finish, but its iridescence, hard to capture in pictures, is so mystical! I am also working on a few more - a new ultramarine blue with a different filigree, which isn't quite ready yet.

These blue beauties will all be in the shop very soon, keeping the others company!

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