Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Pieces!

I wish I had more time to make jewelry, but I did manage to finally get to some chandelier crystals that I set aside a while ago. I'm a little worried as my source for these baubles in NYC went dry last summer, so I'm using up my stash without any idea where to go to replenish.

The colors are so strong, and I suppose that if I had a huge collection, I would buy a chandelier frame and make my own Venetian-style colorful lighting fixture that would drip with color. I used to wander around ABC Carpet, an emporium in Chelsea that offers the most luxuriou$ and imaginative items. I just looked to see if they had anything I could link to that represents my chandelier color lust, but the trend just now is minimalism and no color. The lighting fixtures are inventive, so here's a look anyway.

Here's a peek at some new creations in time for Valentine's Day - some are listed, and some aren't yet. I also have some finished that I will hopefully be able to photograph tomorrow.

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