Sunday, April 29, 2012

Flowers in Spring!

I walked through the Union Square Greenmarket yesterday and couldn't resist taking pictures and buying some lovely flowers/ At the moment there is a bohemian crystal vase full of fragrant white roses, a gift from a friends after a celebration yesterday. My home is full of peonies and assorted pretty flowers and feels so fresh...I try to have fresh flowers as a spiritual lift every week or so, and it makes a huge difference here.

The Union Square Greenmarket seems to consist of flower and honey vendors on Saturdays, and foods three times during the week. There are a lot of cool shops and cafes nearby, so if you are in NYC and want a market experience in a trendy neighborhood, the Flatiron District, this would be a great area to check out, and you are also close to the East Village as you walk south, so it's made for walking the city.

Enjoy the colors!

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