Monday, March 18, 2013

Opera Jewels!

While at the Metropolitan Opera recently, I had the chance to check out the display cases in the Parterre level, where they usually show personal items that belonged to famous singers of eras past. This time, the windows did not disappoint, and I was thrilled to find some turn of the century bling worn by divas Geraldine Farrar, Louise Homer, Olive Fremstad, Bidu Sayao, Kirsten Flagstad and Lily Pons.

I was asked to stop photographing, and I had to take my seat, so I will have to go back again to try to match up who wore what, when. Until then, please enjoy these colorful lovelies. They look quite delicate for stage jewelry compared to what we would fabricate today. I'm especially fond of the cuffs and the feather-like brooch!

These may be the cuffs worn in the picture below - Lily Pons as Lakme. It's a little hard to tell.

These portraits are amazing, aren't they? 

Olive Fremstad

Louise Homer, who must be dressed as Amneris in Verdi's Aida

Bidu Sayao as Massenet's Manon

Geraldine Farrar as Elisabeth in Wagner's Tannhauser

Kirsten Flagstad as Elsa in Wagner's Lohengrin

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