Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Color - Part One

I hope that everyone passing by enjoyed a lovely Fourth of July weekend. To me this marks the middle of summer, not by date, but by temperature. I am not a fan of hot weather, especially in New York City, where it starts to get warm in May. I measure summer from when I first start to wear sandals, when socks and shoes are simply too hot to wear, and continues after Labor Day to some point in mid to late September, and possibly even October in rare years. This year hasn't been too bad and after the winter we had, it's a pleasure not to layer up when going out. It's also a joy to see people in bright colors! Love the neons that refuse to go out of style, especially the Nike sneakers in hot pinks, greens and reds on MEN - Yay that. Every now and then I'll see a Pucci-style dress and go quietly wild inside. I live in a city that has adopted black as its color, so it's a real lift to see a bright pair of shoes, hat, bag, scarf, sweater, coat or jewelry to spice things up.

In summer I bring out the things I think of as "fun" jewelry, especially the fishing lure necklaces that I started making a few years ago. I still have some in stock and for myself that I wear whenever possible. They are labor-intensive to make, and I use a mix of vintage and new beads and slip a few gemstones in as well, like sky blue amazonite, red and orange coral and green and yellow jade.

They're truly one of a kind and perfect for the beach, though I wouldn't wear them in the ocean
(I wouldn't wear anything valuable in the ocean).

Some of these have been sold, and some are mine, but there are others available at the link above.

Above, the first one I made, that was detachable and could be a bracelet and a shorter necklace.

Love the huge moonglow bead!

I wear multiples at a time, (not this many, though) and they look great together.

Love this sweet little pastel fishie. Mine.

My favorite thing is to combine colors. :)

Next time, Part Two of Summer Color, featuring other new bright things in the shop!

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