Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Change of Season

A happy and colorful fall to you all! It's my favorite season of the year, and with luck, will last a good two months with interesting colors and texture to enjoy. I did a little traveling in October to relax with new scenery to enjoy. I miscalculated and scheduled my Massachusetts trip too early - peak was one to two weeks away but it was lovely all the same. 

I stayed in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and my B & B porch was a delightful place to hang out. The house dates from the 18th century but has had improvements along the way, especially at the turn of this century. 

The Mount, the home of Edith and Teddy Wharton, wasn't showing much yet in the way of orange and yellow, but the formal gardens were wonderful and orderly.

There was one tree near my B & B, a sugar maple, that was well on its way leaf-wise. 

The carpet of leaves under the tree was full of reds, oranges and yellows. It was the ONLY tree in the area with this color and was quite striking!

Here's Cold Spring, NY on November first. This pumpkin-colored paint appeared on more than one house I saw there and would certainly be my house color of choice. It was a beautiful sight, sitting contentedly amid similarly-colorful leaves, and for me the combination of yellow, lime, kelly green, orange and red is truly exciting.

I sneaked this photo in from last October, when the vines covering this little inn were at their peak, This year's trip was a bit too late in comparison.

Perfect tree and a full range of orange.

Moving along to my local park a week later, these red leaves are delicious. We have had some rain with mild temperatures; the rain accelerated things and the results are amazing.

Splendid leaf carpet here.

Sisters caught in a wonderful moment, with stripes of yellow and green behind them.

I don't think that Ive seen such a range of color at once - the fresh spring-like green of a new lawn next to deep reds, orange and yellow. 

On a hiking path, a pretty scattering of color on slate.

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