Monday, April 6, 2009

In Which I Am Featured on Two Blogs

I neglected to post that my shop and I were recently featured on two design blogs! Here's a link to vintageindie, where the lovely Gabrieal Wyatt found me on 1000 Markets and chose four different pieces of mine that spoke to her. This feature is up today!

Last week or so, Mem's Pocket Palette featured me on her shopping blog. (Scroll halfway down the page) She asked some very good questions about selling online, and I replied. Mem is multi-talented and I don't know how she finds the time to blog and create and have a life. Wait, I don't know how I do, either!

I have had a little exposure on blogs but it's such a thrill when others are moved enough to want to write about one's work.


Mem said...

Jan it was an honor to feature you on my blog and I hope everyone will stop by and read all the wonderful information that Jan gave the marketers. She has beautiful products and much needed knowledge that she is willing to share and I do appreciate that.
Thank you again for your time and wisdom!


OvertheTop said...

Thank you again, Mem! How nice of you to comment. I've had a great time as a seller so far and people like you make it even more fun. :)