Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Soap Heaven!

These arrived the other day from Adoration Soap. Don't they look yummy? I can't wait to use them, but I also love how they look in their pretty wrappers. I became addicted to handmade soap last year and it's a hard habit to break, so after a long period of enduring my local discount store's soap, I traded a necklace for these beauties and am again in soap nirvana. Adoration was recently a featured seller on Etsy, which is a well-deserved honor for her.

This time, I chose some summery flavors for Spring. Clockwise from lower left corner:

Nouveau Victoriana - goats milk soap
Deep Blue Sea
Raspberry Deluxe - good enough to eat!
Bentonite Tea Tree (great for shaving with - I've bought this before)
Green Tea and Cucumber - so refreshing for warmer months

If you love special soaps, checkout her shop. She has a flat rate for shipping, and these arrived in 2 days via Priority Mail, so you can have almost instant gratification!

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