Monday, September 28, 2009

Five Treasuries in One Day

Yom Kippur has just ended, so Happy New Year to everyone! I have been very busy this month; family obligations and work have kept me from posting much or making new pieces, which is unsettling. I have so many ideas for fall but no time in which to realize them!

Here I am doing some self-promotion again as a post, as I am featured in FIVE Treasuries today, an almost unheard of event (lately) for this shop. I love Fall on Etsy as there are so many gorgeous pieces to look at and covet from so many shops.

I'm posting four as I don't know what piece was chosen for the fifth Treasury - we don't get to see that info.

I was also a staff pick on 1000 Markets last week, and am still visible today on the page if you scroll down a bit. On the left side of the page, my Orange Juice Vitamin C Jade Necklace was chosen and has garnered many new views!

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