Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Calendar Girls

It's time to buy a desk calendar for 2010, and while I'm happy with the one I bought last year from Digtal Paperie, I am hankering for something completely different. I decided to go back to Etsy to find some great graphic choices, and I wasn't disappointed. I'm featuring ones that I loved so you can discover some of these talented artists and possibly brighten up your desk or (heavens!) cube with something fresh to delight your eye. These cards come inside a clear jewel case that serves as its own stand and takes up very little space on all but the tiniest of desks.

First up is J Hill Designs, whose bright, modern-yet-retro cards are just stunning. These patterns are so colorful, rich and complicated, and are sure to inspire.

For tree-lovers, here is a sophisticated set of 12 cards from InkDropDesign.

Another pretty choice are these botanical gocco printed calendar cards by Anna Cote. The colors are so well chosen, and the illustrations were created from ger own photographs.

These sensational Victorian-themed cards by InkaDinkaDoodle are so elegant - I love the quiet palette of gray, ochre, white and black and the artfully composed period illustrations and patterns. Great for a lover of Steampunk!

Alicia Bock has the perfect calendar for lovers of Paris photography. I have admired her work on Etsy for some time, and love that her photos are not sterile travelogues but have a point of view and a feeling of lightness.

For Drama Lovers, how about a Shakespeare Calendar from Immortal Longings?
This shop specializes in Shakespeare-themed illustrations and gifts and the drawings are colorful, accessible and modern.

Finally, from Sure As Blue, here is a colorful calendar with apt seasonal illustrations that cheer me up no end. It was a tough choice, but I went with this one. I have 2 desks, though, so I MIGHT have to buy another....which will you choose? Let me know!

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