Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Wrap-Up

The sneakers are an interesting shoe choice for Ancient Rome.

Definitely Phillies Fans at this house!

Book giveaway!

One family had the idea to give out garlic shrimp on a stick, which is my kind of treat! I loved seeing families on the porch enjoying a meal with wine as kids trooped up for their goodies.

Some lovely orange skulls and a festively decorated house.

Greeting callers at the door

The boys carry on under hot and sweaty maskes. The gangster's shoulders were inflated and also hot to wear.

I hope that everyone enjoyed a safe and Happy Halloween last night. The warm weather and rain were an odd mix, but fun was had. We enjoyed a sensational meal in the burbs, enjoyed the kids who came to the house and then ventured out in the rain to do a little T & T-ing with the boys. I have not had time to make them costumes since they were small, and now they prefer store-bought costumes as they can change their minds at the last minute. This year they chose some kind of skull ghost and Scarface, a "Wiseguy" which I thought was insulting, though most people thought it was Richard Nixon! With scars.

My pics are only so-so this year (The weather had a lot to do with this) but it was a ghoulishly good evening. The most inventive house was one we visited owned by the publisher of Scholastic Books - he gave out small bunches of books to the children, which is an insanely generous thing to do. My neffs were very excited, as were the teenage girls hoping to get their hands on a "Twilight" book.


parallel-botany said...

Looks like a good time. Where did you go trick-or-treating? I really like the family hanging out on the porch with shrimp and wine. That's my kind of treat, too.

It was so muggy yesterday, I really felt for the little kids wearing bulky, hot costumes.

Richard Nixon had a touch of the gangster to him.

OvertheTop said...

Hi Parallel! I went to New Jersey in the Bloomfield area. It was fun but most unpleasant to have to deal with too much warmth and wet. I can't remember a Halloween in the last 10 years that WASN'T unseasonably warm.