Friday, March 19, 2010

Blog Promo Friday!

I have been blogged about most charmingly by Stephanie Corfee, who found and is inspired by my beer bottle cap necklace. Stephanie has a lovely Etsy shop full of gorgeous, colorful prints to beautify your home or office. I'm especially drawn to her witty and mesmerizing Barefoot Hippie print!

I felt a lot cheerier reading her blog, so I'm adding it to my blogroll and hope that you'll check her page out, and her shop, of course!


What's wrong with this picture?

It's the Trump Skating Rink in Central Park, today, March 19.

Note the orange danger cones dotted across the ice.

Then, note the apparel of many skaters.


Yes, there is ice skating in 71 degree weather. There may be spots to avoid, but if you wish to skate, you can.

Look at the Weeping Willow tree, newly green after a week or so of spring/summer freakish temperatures. The plants must be so confused!!!


Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I discovered your adorable/awesome craftiness on flickr. I love the RA stuff, especially the N&S designs. I was wondering if you'd allow me to feature you & your work on my blog?
Please email me at
Thanks! :)

OvertheTop said...

Thanks, Nat! I haven't kept up with the blog as RL has intruded, but will email you. Love your Richard site!