Monday, March 1, 2010

Dolley Madison on PBS Tonight!

Last summer I worked as assistant costume designer on this production, "Dolley Madison" for Middlemarch Films, for The American Experience, and it will be on TV tonight on PBS in my area! (Check your local listings)

I worked with Candice Donnelly, who designed the beautiful costumes, and this was my second time around with Middlemarch Films; in 2006 I worked on "Alexander Hamilton" and had a marvelous time. Eve Best stars as Dolley, the first First Lady to define the role and create a blueprint for all future First Ladies.

If you can't watch this evening, you can view it online at this website after tonight - just click on the top link that says "Watch Films Online", if you have a fast internet connection.


Anonymous said...

Yay are so great to work with...and I LOVE my bracelet that you made.

OvertheTop said...

Thank you, Muffie! Congratulations on the show - it was so exciting watching it and remembering the shoot. You, Ron and Julia did a wonderful job and have created a special family for us to return to. :)