Thursday, January 13, 2011

NEW BLACK SWAN-Inspired Collection!

Are you a fan of the dark and dangerous BLACK SWAN movie by Darren Aronofsky? I sure hope so, as I have been working on a limited collection of pieces inspired by the film for the past few days.

There are two necklaces, earrings and two bracelets (so far) that for me evoke colors and textures found in the film's palette and costuming. I think that costume designer Amy Westcott did a wonderful job of storytelling with her costume design, as did Rodarte for the film's ballet costumes - at least, that is how the costume design breakdown between the two credited designers has been portrayed in the film's PR. I only wished that there had been less hand-held camera action and more wide and medium shots so that I could better appreciate the production design and see the hard work accomplished on a limited budget. There are a number of wonderful details that are hard to see on the first viewing in set decoration and design that I look forward to seeing on the DVD.

I am enslaved by Tchaikovsky's music for ballet and opera, so I was in pig heaven listening to it during the film, though nothing is better than hearing the entire ballet at one sitting. If you're looking for a recording, I recommend the one I own, available here.

The contrast between dark and light is the focus of this collection, which like the costume design, is made up of ballet pink and a variety of grays and blacks, as well as various textures that evoke for me the grandeur and romance of the theatre and the ballet.

The collection is previewed here and will appear over the next day at both my shops, on Etsy and Artfire.

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