Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year Begins.

I'm glad to have survived 2010 (I had my doubts that I would) and friends and family have also had a very stressful year. I wish everyone a happier, healthier and more prosperous New Year, and for people like me who simply wish for a period of calm and quiet, may we have that this winter, in spades.

I spent some of my New Year's Eve being entertained by the Metropolitan Opera at the opening night of "La Traviata", a new modern production by Willy Decker, which replaces the Zeffirelli warhorse that pleased thousands over the years. It remains to be seen whether or not this post-modern interpretation will click with subscribers and will play as long as Franco's, or be replaced in a few years' time with a more traditional offering.

It was fun to be there under these circumstances, and my date and I saw a number of famed folk, and even met Deborah Voigt, who looked beautifully glam. You really can't stop staring at her mesmerizing blue eyes, and she seems to enjoy getting dressed up and wearing sparkly jewels - that's one great perk of being an opera star that I would love to experience. I don't own an evening gown or suit anymore, haven't for 10 years. Maybe this year I'll have the happy task of finding the right one - it's a good thing to have on hand, even if there's little likelihood that you'll need it. I was suitably impressed that so many people dressed up appropriately for the night - we saw some amazing outfits and baubles. I did wear jewelry that I made, notably this piece made from a Victorian purse, a virtual "chatelaine" necklace.

I feel a bit like Mrs. Danvers while wearing this piece, in a good way, anyway.

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