Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"The Hobbit" Trailer is UP!!!

Some visitors to this page know that I am a fan of Richard Armitage, the luscious actor from across the pond. I first became a fan after watching the BBC miniseries "North & South" in the last decade - I highly recommend it, and you can stream it on Netflix. Richard's star has been in ascension and he has made a name for himself in various UK TV shows - he was the villain you can't stop loving, Guy of Gisborne, in the recent "Robin Hood", starred in "Spooks", and made his US feature film debut in "Captain America", albeit briefly. My favorite role of his, as Guy of Gisborne, is totally understandable. See pictures below.
A friend of mine runs a fabulous website about Richard, which you ought to visit if you'd like to find out more about him. It's here. Well, Richard has been cast as Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson's "the Hobbit", and the trailer was released a little while ago. Richard is 6'-2" but plays the lead dwarf, and damn, he even looks tall in this video. He sings, too, which is a thrill, but we have to wait another year to see him onscreen!
If you click twice on this video, it will expand. You can also find the video at Youtube here.

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