Sunday, February 2, 2014

NY Now 2014 Gift Show at Jacob Javits Center, NYC

Last August I reported on my visit to the Javits Center in New York City for the Home and Lifestyle Show, and today I returned to something similar called the Gift Show. No matter what it's called, it's quite the gathering of home design, from carpets to glassware to clothing and picture frames, guaranteed to overwhelm and entice. I am packed to the rafters with home decor, yet for a moment I considered chucking it all so that I could start over and pick and choose from what I saw today.

It's hard for me to imagine making decisions as a buyer at one of these shows, as after a short time one's senses begin to break down after seeing that there are hundreds of booths to pass one's eyes over and consider. I suppose that experienced buyers know who will be there and plan their routes in advance as to which aisles hold the likeliest vendors, while still leaving energy for the discovery of someone new with exciting products.

The main floor held hundreds of vendors, most of whose displays were beautiful and costly. It's much more involved than a 6 foot table with some fabric thrown over it and a few stands, as you'll see. This is serious expense and effort that I hope will pay off for them. It didn't seem that crowded (the above pic was taken as I left at 5:00 PM) but with the Superbowl in town, and it being Sunday, this made sense. This week it will probably be mobbed.

Liz Glasgow showing off the new Coloring Book. Hilda's gorgeous line drawings have been de-colorized and are waiting for you to create your own color schemes.

I was there as a guest of my friend Liz Glasgow, as I was last year. Liz and I have known each other since grade school and attended 3 schools together, from toddler ballet to elementary school to junior high. Liz's mother, Hilda Glasgow, was a famous fashion illustrator, and Liz has lovingly taken her incredible work and introduced it to a new generation of fans in the form of prints, greeting cards, table accessories and many other inventive pieces via her company, The White Cabinet.

Greeting cards, notepads, party invitations, gift tags, place mats (I can see a wall clock in their future) and other paper products (cool chair gift wrap!) to choose from, that already appear in hundreds of shops around the country.

This year I wanted to examine the new coloring book and pencils - what great packaging! Liz showed me pictures of customers at the recent Atlanta Gift Show who had colored in their drawings beautifully and wanted to take them home afterward.

Hilda's work is being managed by Kitchen Papers Hester and Cook Design Group, and their setup area this year is larger and airier and features all kinds of paper wonders as well as textiles and imaginative recycled lighting with an industrial edge.

Gift wrap and textiles by Kitchen Papers on an ingenious custom-made pipe display rack

I am seriously coveting a "spoondelier" for my kitchen (tho not this huge) 

Teacup chandelier hanging from spoons and silver plated trays and stands.

Is this not the wittiest thing you've seen in ages? Obviously it's perfect for a tearoom or coffee house, but it's also a delightful choice for a bridal shop or bookstore. Jane Austen, anyone?

I wrote about this blueprint lighting fixture last year, and here it is again. Great for an architectural firm, over the conference table or in the waiting area. 

There are also some very interesting and edgy fixtures like this one,

and this,

and this one, which would be sensational in a library or pub. Enameled lock plates never looked this good!

Here's the info about the lighting fixtures.

Color-in jewelry on paper that can be punched out and worn afterward! How would this go down at your little girl's next party?

After visiting and lunching with Liz I spent a couple of hours wandering around looking at as much as I could manage to absorb. It was the first day and not that busy, and I wasn't a real buyer so I didn't stop to chat too much to the vendors and this drain their energies and tried to be discreet while taking pictures. There are products to fit every design aesthetic, from minimalist and monochromatic to bright colors and hairy textures and ethnic influences. I am attracted to color, so that's what I focused on and share with you.

Shall I start with the A's? Jonathan Adler, whose work I am warming up to, with its bright colors and graphics. I am working my way from a vintage sensibility to a modern and graphic one style, and love the lift these colorful pieces can give to a room.

Bright and vibrant, and there was also a children's decor area. I can't imagine a better designer to furnish a child's bedroom.

Comfortable chair in the ever-trendy turquoise (velvet)

Great foreign cities pillows! Love the Rome and London designs. :)

Speaking of turquoise, Liz and I stopped by the Dansk booth to check out the "new" Kobenstyle cookware that the company is re-issuing. Liz and I both inherited vintage Dansk enameled pots - she has vintage turquoise and I have yellow and pumpkin orange. This cookware iss also available in tomato red. Sadly, my yellow 7 qt pot is no longer white inside but I am determined to keep the orange soup pot as pristine inside as possible. Love the casserole pan! Wouldn't something cheddar cheese-colored contrast nicely with the blue? Think World's Fair.

After all of that walking, we needed a little sugar and stopped by this mouth-watering display and tried some samples. I didn't get the name of the maker of these pretties, which I regret, as the chocolate peanut butter blob topped with Reese's pieces was divoon.

I love the pink lattice design topped with little white balls, upper left!

Cute and a great gift for the traveler. :) Not the way I would display my knives. Sorry.

I will continue tomorrow with Part 2! Lots more to come.