Monday, September 22, 2008

A Little Culcha

Last week I had reason to be on the Upper East Side and had a few hours to spend, so I headed over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I haven't been in far too long and felt like revisiting some of my favorite spots. I missed the Superheroes Costume exhibit and deserve to be tarred and feathered (heh) for this delinquency.

My photo list is huge, so I suggest that you head over to my Flickr account if you're at all curious about my favorites. The museum is undergoing a good deal of refurbishment at any given time, so it's always good to check to see what wings are closed before you visit. I worked there in 1978-79 in the various shops and grew accustomed to the wails of disappointment when Renaissance Jewelry or some other area was those days it was because they didn't have enough guards for the day. Imagine the frustration of someone coming 3,000 miles to see a particular piece or gallery, and they couldn't because a few security guards called in sick that day?

I'm sure it still happens, though I'm positive that the reason for closure is given as something else.

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