Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday = Greenmarket

In my neighborhood, there is a wonderful Greenmarket every Saturday. When I first moved up to Inwood, there wasn't anything like this available - just the two local supermarkets and a few bodegas. In the seven years since, the market closest to me has a good organic section, but the best thing is the Greenmarket on Isham Place, now open all year round. We have great sellers and it's possible to buy freshly caught fish, meat, fruits and veggies, milk & eggs, cheese, baked goods, and candles & honey.

This week's featured fruits/veggies are tomatoes and peppers, with the odd radish and pumpkin thrown in, because they're in the same color family.

I bought some great-looking tomatoes, but somehow they never made it home. The vendor was very sweet and let me take more of them so I could at least have some tomato goodness this week. I'm not that much of a tomato fan, but these looked too good and full of healthy properties to pass up.

The brand-new shiny leather jacket in two of the pictures goes wonderfully with the tomatoes, don't you think?

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