Monday, September 8, 2008

Soap Stars

I never was one for fancy soaps. I'd keep a bar of soap or bombe that I received as a gift forever and not use it, but late last year started trying out different soapmakers at Etsy. I quickly became addicted and now really have to control myself. Most of those vendors have superb photography skills, and their soap pix are truly mouth-watering. Soaps look like jewels in the right light, so the possibilities for lovely pictures are endless.

I've already blogged about Dennis Anderson, so I won't again here. But do check out his Etsy outpost. I love his shea butter jasmine soap, pictured. SO lathery and fragrant. He's having a sale right now.

I love Savor! This shop was a featured seller on Etsy and I am hooked on her soaps.

My favorite, which I've ordered a few times, is the Pink Grapefruit Granita. She seems to be out of it at the moment, but perhaps she'll restock it soon. It has tiny glittery grains in it, so it sparkles in the soap dish. It smells heavenly and lathers up so well.

I also tried the Hawaiian Orange Alaea, which has a lovely scent and transports me somewhere else while I'm lathering it. She has some in stock here.

Sparta Soap is a new shop for me - I was looking for Tea Tree soap and stumbled upon them. I tried their Tea Tree and French Clay Olive Oil soap - very rich, great for dry skin and a beautiful color. I love the gentle scent of the tea tree oil as well as the fact that it's a soap with extra-special properties for cleansing. I have yet to use the Terracotta Foot Scrub Spearmint Eucalyptus Pumice - sure sounds hardworking!

They have a 4-bar Citrus set that looks so yummy, must try:

Adoration Soap...I just used up this Peppermint Massage bar. I got hooked on The Body Shop's Peppermint Foot Lotion years ago, so I had to try this out. Works fabulously with a pumice stone on the feet!

This lovely shade of green cake is called Bentonite Tea Tree Unisex Shaving Soap. Lathered up so nicely and is perfect for drier parts of the body in addition to making shaving easier.

I'm currently using this Pink Grapefruit round, and it's a great size - it fits nicely in your hand and stays put on the soap dish - doesn't slide around like those larger bars. The colors are just so pretty too.

One of the first soap shops I tried was Naiad, because of this soap: The Chocolate Coffee Scrubby Bar. There are coffee grains on the bottom, so it's also an exfoliant. The second time I ordered it, there were a lot less grains, so I was a bit disappointed, but I may try it again. My youngest nephew, 4 or 5 at the time and the owner of a fierce sweet tooth, was visiting me and after using the bathroom ran out holding this dry cake of soap and asked if it was "real" (edible). Yes, it really looks like it could be on a petit four tray.

I visited Dirty Bird Soaps (great name!) and couldn't resist the Pumpkin Pie Vegan soap - great for using after cooking, to leave your hands with a delicious scent. Sadly, she is closing her shop - not permanently, I hope.

Daisy Cakes Soaps have wonderful products. I tried the German Chocolate Cake Lip Balm - won't help your diet, but will make applying lip balm a pure pleasure. I don't see it in stock right now, (they do have Strawberry Cheesecake) but there are about the Key Lime Pie?

These Halloween Bats look like fun!

I don't have any money for serious pampering these days, but this kind of pampering at least makes my cleaning regimen more enjoyable. :)

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