Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I was asked by Mod3rnArt Jewelry to submit a photo of my workspace to her blog. She has a cool gallery of studio pictures from a number of Etsy sellers whose work she admires. I love to see what designers' work areas look like, especially if they have to work out of their homes. The challenge is to make the space utile without giving over one's whole environment to one's work. It looks as if some people use a little table in the corner of the living room or maybe even bedroom, while others seem to have a large dedicated space to their craft, with some killer equipment.

I made a collage of various areas that I like. I found a dresser in my basement that once belonged to my next-door neighbor - it was purple (as was her entire apartment, even the ceiling) and I repainted it some bright (some might say ghastly) colors that were inspired by a picture of painted cabinets in an English country cottage. I keep boxes of beads, wrapping supplies and other stuff I need in that dresser, which helps with the visual clutter. My office is a glorious deep red, but the room doesn't get that much light so it reads more like a deeply mysterious and warm tone. I almost never turn on the top light, a hideous fixture that came with the aparment that I covered with organza and glass beads, so it never is as red as in that picture. I work on a drafting table built for me by an old flame from college that has the same Vyco covering that I originally put on it, which gets scrubbed every few years. It's a happy space, if a bit tight, and I am surrounded by my favorite friends, color and texture.

Check out the photo of my pal Talula's space - she has a destash store on Etsy called Covet and Crave. I love her artfully arranged still life of her jewels and supplies. Thanks, MOd3rnArt Jewelry for such a great idea!


Charleybrown said...

Hi Jan!
I love your workspace. Makes me want to make one of my own! So jealous of you living in New York - it sounds so cosmopolitan!

OvertheTop said...

Thanks, Charleybrown. :) Yay, a comment!!! As for New's expensive!