Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Costume Pictures from "The Last New Yorker"

Photo by Harvey Wang/Brinkfilm

Dominic Chianese as Lenny Sugarman

Dick Latessa as Ruben

Kathleen Chalfant as Mimi

Natalie Silverlieb and Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton

Joe Grifasi

Jen Jones and Irma St. Paule as two Bar Crows

As promised, I am uploading some pictures from my continuity files. This was low-budget filmmaking and I served as wardrobe supervisor as well as costume designer, but that was manageable as it was a small film with short time-span, plot-wise. I think that there were only seven days in total to keep track of, which was wonderfully easy.

I can't upload all of them, so please jump to Flickr to see the whole collection. There are also tons of crew shots that I hope to be able to post. Sorry about the huge watermark; a necessary evil, I'm afraid.

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