Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Pictures from the screening on February 9 at the French Institute, and the party afterward at The Friar's Club!

Check out Press Pics of Arrivals here.

The Quad Cinema in New York City, where the film will open on February 19, 2010.

Director Harvey Wang introduces the film at The French Institute Screening

Producers Rich Macary and Danny Vinik at the French Institute, under harsh lighting

Harvey kvells during Dominic's performance at the Friars Club

Director of Photography Derek McKane and Writer/Producer Adam Forgash
Jan with Dominic Chianese

Star Dick Latessa

Film's stars Dick Latessa, Dominic Chianese and Kathleen Chalfant onstage at the Friars Club

Jan with Adam Forgash

Three lovelies - in center is B. Coen, makeup, and right is Megan Foerster, set dressing

Meeting the Press

Dominic chats with the press

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