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Costume/Jewelry Review - Game of Thrones, Season 3, Episode 1

I've been watching Game of Thrones and like fans everywhere, tuned in last Sunday night to see the first episode. I subscribed to HBO again after many years just to watch this, and I'm glad I did. Michele Clapton is the talented costume designer.

The pictures posted are a combination of production stills and pictures I took while watching. Shall we begin with Cersei? I'm quite uninformed about the various crests of the Houses and haven't read the books, so I will describe these as best I can. I am in awe of the casting shop in charge of making these pieces - I think it would be a lot of fun!

There isn't a superb shot of this gown, only upper body or profile shots, but it's the metalwork that matters. I love the collar necklace and stomacher piece with full relief that may or may not be real metal. Is it cast metal over hammered and shaped pieces or leather or some kind of plastic or faux plastic? When I worked in craft houses many moons ago we used celastic, which could be shaped but was quite toxic to use because of its solvents. I'm glad that those days are long gone for me.

HD is quite unforgiving, so I think these pieces are real metal. The casting shop worked with the costume shop on this and I hope this gown was comfortable to wear. What's the fabric? No idea, I wil have to rewatch. Are the sleeves velvet? Possibly.

I am not sure about the crest/symbol on this necklace, but it's a nice heavy piece with a beaded edge and raised center figure. The heavy rope chain is both primitive and strong. The embroidery and beaded edge/trim on the neckline adds to the savage richness of this costume.

Here's a good view of most of the red dress. I could have used a good lingering long shot of this gown that took a lot of time to make. Blood red silk velvet never disappoints, and I like the mix of silver and burnished gold together. The silhouettes are Medieval and Renaissance, which serve this genre well. There is something depraved about her costumes, which suits her well.

There used to be a shop on Madison Avenue in New York City that specialized in embossed and painted velvets that made you feel as if you were walking into a Venetian realm. This painted or printed burgundy velvet on Joffrey reminds me of some of their wares, and is truly gorgeous and above all, decadent. This boy loves being king, and the colors are a tribute to his ruthlessness, as are his rings. The rings are hard to capture, but they seem to be jeweled cabochons and large cast pieces with animal heads that scream Renaissance and animalistic human nature. 

I would watch Charles Dance as Tywin read the telephone book, I am such a fan of his. This scene with Peter Dinklage was terrible and wonderful at the same time, and the visuals were gorgeous. Let's begin with this leather coat with a top layer of punchwork that must have driven its tailor mad. One wrong punch 1/4 of an inch off, and you're screwed. 

The hardware on all of the clothing is quite different per person and no doubt house-symbolic. The bigger the casting, the bigger the d*ck. These clasps are beautiful, as is the belt and the dangerous-looking Hand brooch or fibula with its scary spike. This is a costume worthy of a Shakespearean villain, and its period non-specific cut is very flattering on the trim Mr. Dance. Leather photographs beautifully, doesn't it? I notice that there is no fancy cut on this, no exaggerated shoulder line or details. It's pretty straightforward and he looks powerful, not ragingly evil, but the diamond shape of the punching is regular and sharp, which tells us that he may not be all that variable in his nature, despite his interesting relationship with Arya last season.

Here's Peter Dinklage as Tyrion wearing the Hand badge last season.

This seems to be the same jerkin as the picture above, with different sleeves. The jerkin is black leather, punched in a smaller and quieter pattern to suit the actor's size and character's decency and softer nature, with a quilted skirt and smaller cast clasps and leather doublet sleeves. I'm not certain if the leather skirt and sleeves are one piece or faked together with the jerkin for the actor's comfort and lessening of a layer.

Poor Tyrion! I had to include this shot because it's so beautifully framed with all of the desk accessories and hangings, not to mention the stunning lighting.

Aiden Gillen is quite dashing as Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish. His little silver mockingbird brooch stands out well against yet another black robe which this time is rather monastic in appearance.

I was drawn to the richness of this beautiful belt, which reminds me of pieces I've seen in museums. The metal pieces are ornate and very beautiful and are the only visually interesting part of this plain and streamlined robe.

More fantastic belt and clasp artistry!

Coming up: Danaerys

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