Thursday, April 11, 2013

Games of Thrones Costume & Jewelry Appreciation, Pt 2

Here we are with the Mother of Dragons, wearing...what else? Dragon claw or tooth jewelry. 

There's some beautiful hand-stitching of pleats and the man's tunic with contrasting thread. It's good to be reminded that this is a primitive society and at least try to make the clothing look as if it's all made by hand...even if it isn't practical to do so.
Love the back peek-a-boo cutout! It's always nice to have something surprising happening on the back of a gown.

 These necklaces could be formed copper, or maybe bronze with a contrasting tip. I would think that they're hollow formed pieces, rather than cast solid shapes, which would be quite heavy.

The double claw/tooth necklace is stunning and paired with this wonderful blue dress, shows that Khaleesi is confident in her appearance and is developing her own style.


Duchess said...

Hello Jan. I am trying to get this blue dress stitched. I need to know what fabric to use, that would work best in summer.
Please help?

OvertheTop said...

Hello, Duchess, I would think silk, even though it might not be so friendly in summer. The makers made their own texture at the shoulders, which is easier with a lightweight silk like duppioni. Intense color like this can often be found in this type of silk fabric, and the natural slubs will add a primitive element. It would need to be lined and even though Ms. Clarke is a slender young woman with a nice shape, there may some discreet corseting going on that pulls her in. Good luck with the dress!

OvertheTop said...

Duchess, here's a website that might come in handy for you: