Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October!

October is my favorite month! The heat of summer has mostly gone, but there is still some warmth and more than a touch of cool crisp autumn. While this September has felt more like summer than fall, it has been pleasant and the leaves are on their way to changing.

Last month I took my summer vacation to the Jersey Shore again, but this time went to Ocean Grove, a new destination for me. Ocean Grove is a summer community founded by the Methodists, and it's still a Christian-feeling town, and it's dry, although the town surrounding, like Bradley Beach and Asbury Park, within walking distance, are not. A tent village springs up around the Grand Auditorium in summer - house frames that pull out and are covered by canvas, with plumbing and electricity, like a grand camping adventure. The houses are gorgeous, it's quiet and charming, and I was staying at a B & B half a block from the beach. The day I arrived, it was 92 degrees and humid, but the sea breezes were amazing, and the ocean was delicious. It's also a lot faster to get to than Cape May, where I have gone for the last two years, which is a trek, without a car.

Here are some pictures of Ocean Grove and Asbury Park. I hope that you enjoyed your summer, and will have a beautiful fall, wherever you are.