Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lost New York

Here's an article in the New York Times lamenting the loss of Mom & Pop businesses that Harvey Wang used in The Last New Yorker. The comments are worth reading, also.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I am Featured in Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine

The Spring edition of Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine, chock-full of delicious goodies to covet and inspire, has chosen two of my Steampunk pieces to feature! There's a section called "From the Boutique, A Gallery of Jewelry" and my pieces are there, nicely photographed, within a collection of other wonderful creations. Thanks to Christen Olivarez, editor, for finding my pieces at Flickr, getting in touch, and making this feature happen.

If you're not familiar with this magazine, it's published by Stampington & Company. They put out a collection of delicious craft-focused magazines that spot trends and highlight new designers making original and noteworthy jewelry, clothing, accessories and paper arts. I find their magazines at Borders Books in New York City, but any bookstore with a serious collection of magazines, like Barnes & Noble, may carry them. I'm quite fond of Somerset Memories, their paper arts magazine, as I often make my own cards and can find plenty of inspiration there! It's worth checking out their site if you don't already know about them.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Shameless Promo Post for The Last New Yorker

Here's a great set of interviews with Dominic Chianese, Kathleen Chalfant, Dick Latessa, Harvey Wang for TLNY filmed at the screening a couple of weeks ago.

You can still catch the film at the Quad Cinema through March 4!

TLNY Opens at the Quad!!

The Quad Cinema on West 13th Street in New York City

Director Harvey Wang and Director of Photography Derek McKane

Dominic Chianese, Dick Latessa and Harvey Wang during the Q & A. There was no lighting at the front of the theatre, hence the poor photo.

It was a very fine turnout on Friday evening for the 8:15 showing, and was so exciting to be there seeing our film open at last! Afterward, Harvey chatted with Dick Latessa and Dominick Chianese at the Q & A during which many wonderful questions were asked and answered. I so wished that Dad could have been there, but thankfully, he saw the film last year on DVD at home.

Anyone interested, please hie to the Quad this week before it concludes its run!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Costume Pictures from "The Last New Yorker"

Photo by Harvey Wang/Brinkfilm

Dominic Chianese as Lenny Sugarman

Dick Latessa as Ruben

Kathleen Chalfant as Mimi

Natalie Silverlieb and Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton

Joe Grifasi

Jen Jones and Irma St. Paule as two Bar Crows

As promised, I am uploading some pictures from my continuity files. This was low-budget filmmaking and I served as wardrobe supervisor as well as costume designer, but that was manageable as it was a small film with short time-span, plot-wise. I think that there were only seven days in total to keep track of, which was wonderfully easy.

I can't upload all of them, so please jump to Flickr to see the whole collection. There are also tons of crew shots that I hope to be able to post. Sorry about the huge watermark; a necessary evil, I'm afraid.

Monday, February 15, 2010

This is The Week of The Last New Yorker

Photos of Dominic Chianese, Kathleen Chalfant and Dick Latessa by Harvey Wang

As my feature film is opening this week, I continue to run the risk of spamming my readers and the blogosphere with tidbits culled from the web. The marketing team is doing a lovely job of getting the word out about our little film, which we made in 2005 on the streets of Manhattan.

It's all very new and's my first film and I'm enjoying what I find every day in my inbox, thanks to Google Alerts. I don't know what future the film will have after its run in NYC, other than life as a DVD, but it will be an adventure watching this unfold.

The Last New Yorker, written by Adam Forgash; Directed by Harvey Wang, produced by Rich Macary, Danny Vinik, Adam Forgash, Todd Olson, and Jonathan Lia. Cinematography by Derek McKane, Production design by Tamar Gadish, Edited by Jeff Flohr, Music by Dario Eskenazi, Makeup by B. Cohen.

Tomorrow I will post cast pictures in costume from the filming...stay tuned!

Here are today's links:

The film's website

An interview with Dominic Chianese on WPIX-TV

Huffington Post article on Harvey Wang, Director

You can see lovely pix that I took during the shoot at my website

The film's trailer at

The Quad Cinema - click on the "Coming Soon" link

The film's page at the IMDB


It doesn't happen often...but I am on the Front Page of Etsy right now, and it's prime time on the West Coast! The keyword is "romantic", and I'm happy that one of my new locket necklaces was chosen.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cobalt Blue Friday

This necklace featured in this truly gorgeous Treasury by the lovely fairyberry on Etsy - please check out her charming new shop. Cobalt is my favorite shade of blue, so I fell off my chair as soon as I saw this Treasury. The link will last until just after midnight on Monday morning, so click fast if you want to check out all of the pretties in her list.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Pictures from the screening on February 9 at the French Institute, and the party afterward at The Friar's Club!

Check out Press Pics of Arrivals here.

The Quad Cinema in New York City, where the film will open on February 19, 2010.

Director Harvey Wang introduces the film at The French Institute Screening

Producers Rich Macary and Danny Vinik at the French Institute, under harsh lighting

Harvey kvells during Dominic's performance at the Friars Club

Director of Photography Derek McKane and Writer/Producer Adam Forgash
Jan with Dominic Chianese

Star Dick Latessa

Film's stars Dick Latessa, Dominic Chianese and Kathleen Chalfant onstage at the Friars Club

Jan with Adam Forgash

Three lovelies - in center is B. Coen, makeup, and right is Megan Foerster, set dressing

Meeting the Press

Dominic chats with the press