Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jonas Comes to Town



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Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter Landscapes

Happy New Year to all. I hope that you enjoyed lovely holidays and that the New Year has begun well. It was a crazy holiday season and I have been enjoying a bit of a rest from it all, but it's back to work now.

We had our first snowfall yesterday where I live and the quiet beauty of winter may stay with us for a bit. Last winter's snow and ice was an unending onslaught, but it doesn't really feel like winter without it, at least to me. 

I found these gorgeous stones last March at the Gem Show and am finally getting around to using them. I didn't want to rush it; I wanted to think about the stones and listen to what they wanted me to do with them. Some will be pendants, one pair will be earrings and a ring or two. Some want to be combined with other stones, so I am on the hunt. 

Love the paired white, gray and black marquises that will be earrings. I'm thinking of pairing them with iolite or chalcedony to bring out the lavender. If you look at them lengthwise, they resemble a snowy landscape, and I may use them in that direction.

The large oval is called a Mocha Stone, and it's from India. The rest are dendritic agates, and they resemble landscapes, trees, ferns. My favorite is the slender little oval in the bottom row with its delicate trees that seem to be growing alongside a lake in autumn. Does anyone else see a face in the oval on the bottom row, lower right?

I wish you a peaceful January, the perfect time to think about what lies ahead, take stock, plan changes and new interests, enjoy the comforts of home and hopefully enjoy this beautiful season.

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