Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's Steampunk Time

I'd had the feeling last fall Steampunk had reached its peak, but was I ever wrong. On Etsy, it's flourishing. I have never seen so many people flooding the market with these creations, and while many items really have almost nothing to do with the actual original aesthetic, (including mine) they continue to be offered. It's kind of catch-all phrase now that is applied to any with with gears, cogs, hardware, and any fashion that looks deconstructed or vaguely Victorian.

I've only made a few pieces but I do have a good seller that's a pair of earrings made of vintage pen nibs and watch gears. I finally made a bunch today, all similar, for the shop. I think they're great for writer ladies and must try to keep a pair back for myself one day. They are offered with sterling silver or brass ear wires.

I also made a Steampunk Valentine necklace, which I'm fond of, inspired by these wee glass sew-on beads, or Victorian sequins, from SeriousBeader on Etsy, as I've always called them. They're somewhat rare; I have them in gunmetal and blue iris, which I've used in my North & South Widgets, but I hadn't seen them in red, and as I LOOOOVE red, I was on them in a flash. I think the necklace is a nice change from the usual Valentine fare (which I also make!) and perfect for lovers (heh) of grunge and romance.

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