Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Photo Shoot With A Bonus!

I assisted a stylist friend on a photo shoot this weekend and a wonderful thing happened - one of my necklaces was chosen for the one of the looks! I brought a few of my pieces along *just in case* this might happen, and happily, it met the high standard of approval of all involved - stylist, art director and photographer Christopher Micaud.

The clothes that stylist Michelle McDonald pulled together were gorgeous, by Diane Von Furstenberg, Roberto Cavalli, Jean-Paul Gaultier and others for Spring 2009. It's such a pleasure to look at bright colors in the middle of winter, isn't it? I was fascinated by the process and the speed in which the sets
were painted and assembled. The colors were brilliant!

I can't show all of the pictures of the shoot here, but I did take pictures of the work-in-process that give an idea of the work involved without giving away the photographer's trade secrets. Naturally I have plenty of pictures of my necklace, modeled by the beautiful Alexandra; my first item ever on a model. Maybe I'll set up a shoot one day of my own for my jewelry. I think I know a stylist...ME!

Alexandra modeling my necklace

The view outside our dressing room..actually near sunset on the first day

Before it all began, at 8 AM

Our cozy area, together with Hair & Makeup

Painting the second set

Calligraphic detail on Roberto Cavalli Suede Coat

More ovely flowers printed/painted on suede - Cavalli

Silk chiffon dress, matching suede coat and shoes are all by Roberto Cavalli

The Amazing Amazon Damaris on Day 2

Gorgeous bracelets by Ben Amun

Christopher Micaud, between takes

Beautiful chunky baubles to choose from. Mine are on far left. I just love the flowery petal necklaces and earrings by Ben Amun in the foreground.

Getting Alexandra ready - Anthony Nader, Viktorija Bowers, Michelle McDonald

Fitting with Alexandra, wearing my necklace and preparing for the day spent on very high heels. Art Director and Conceptualist Beth Taubner is also in the picture.

Our clothes look like bright jewels, don't they?

Set designers painting the first setup's flats. I would be so happy to have these in my home!

More painting, later in the day

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