Tuesday, April 18, 2017


It's been a really long time since I've posted anything on this blog - since last fall. Between all of the social media I feel obligated to participate in, real life, work and the news, I am stretched a bit thin. But one thing that has kept me going is activism against this terrible new president and his life-denying Oval Office and Cabinet appointees. I was never much interested in politics, but all of that has changed. I went down to Washington DC in January for the March, and that was only the beginning of a wave that I hope keeps on rolling.

I started small sideline of "resistance" jewelry and have to admit that there is no shortage of inspiration. I've been selling at local markets and shows here and there and have had some great responses to my pieces. I don't know how long or National Nightmare will continue, but even when we finally have the right people running our country, political life and the process as we have known it has been changed forever. We, the People have been shaken out of our torpor and are paying attention to what is wrong politically and are working to fix it. There is much to do, and who knows how successful we will be, but we are doing it!

Keep holding your local and national politicians' feet to the fire, keep asking questions, challenging, being insistent and above all, Nasty, Resistant and Persistent!

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