Monday, December 22, 2008


Good to know that you can still get in to Central Park at 12:30 AM!

Funny how some folks wanted to walk right next to the wall - looks like their dog wanted to, as well.

I love the idea of a Children's Gate. It leads to a playground that I was taken to as a child, growing up on East 76th Street. The playground is unrecognizable now - full of modern playground amusements. I'm reminded that I must read Adam Gopnick's book about growing up on the East Side.

It was 18 degrees today. I was taking pictures of the Christmas windows at Bloomingdales (they're fun - will post soon) and had my fingerless gloves on for 5 minutes - which was enough to make the exposed bits hurt like hell for an hour afterward. It seemed possible to achieve frostbite status, and I was so happy that I thought to bring the gloves I wear with them when I was done. Naturally,there were the hardy souls (men) in sweatshirts with no hat or gloves here and there, but for the most part, people were sensible, and wore hats and scarves and layers.

I considered walking across snowy Central Park to look at the snow and grab a few pix, but when I reached Fifth Avenue, it was rip-your-face-off wind chill time, and the paths into the park hadn't been de-iced, so the sensible part of me whispered "better not", and for once, I listened.

It's supposed to be 30 degrees tomorrow, and 48 on Wednesday, so bye-bye snow, hello slush and big puddles.

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