Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birthday Sale!

Can you see that Etsy wishes us a Happy Birthday? Cool. :)

Yes...tomorrow is my birthday. In a couple of hours I will be %$#*&^ years old. Sigh. At the last minute, I decided to have sale in honor of aging one more year, good at both of my shops. Clickie and Clickie.

My best birthday was in Sarasota, Florida, when I was designing the 1997 season at Sarasota Opera. My shop threw me a surprise party, which was a complete surprise, in the middle of the costume shop, with silver, candlesticks, tablecloths - a formal dessert setting in the oddest of places. It was so wonderful, and I still have the presents I received that day, which I treasure. Later that day, a friend prepared Filet Mignon and Bananas Foster for dinner, so it was a day of celebration, art, food and beautiful music with friends. We were working on either "Konigskinder" or "Ernani" by that time, the 3rd or 4th opera of the season, I can't remember exactly, so were collectively close to dead on our feet. That was a wonderful, if exhausting 5 months of work with many talented and unforgettable people, most of whom I haven't seen since, but that's the way it can be in my business.

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