Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Custom Project

A friend of the family, who knows I make jewelry, asked me recently to take some important bits and pieces that she'd had for many years and make them into wearable necklaces. I love this kind of project - taking orphaned, meaningful parts and re-purposing them into new pieces with their own integrity. Sadly, I did not take pictures of the pieces she gave me beforehand as it didn't occur to me until afterward that I might want to blog about it.

Our friend gave me the blue slab, the warm gemstone oval, and the pretty little gemstone hearts. She likes long necklaces and wanted a simple chain. I added a dyed yellow jade oval bead and combined all three elements, wrapping the slab in brass filigree. I think that the components work harmoniously together and are wonderfully Bohemian.

The second project was another gemstone slab and a pair of vintage broken root beer brown lucite and sterling silver earrings. They seemed to want to be together - the two warm agates had been part of a bracelet but I didn't feel compelled to keep them together. I took the earrings apart, added some sterling chain of my own that I oxidized to match and put them together on another simple gold-toned chain.

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