Friday, March 6, 2009

Gone Fishin'

A friend and neighbor brought home a trove of these vintage fishing lures. I don't know how vintage they are, or where they were made, but they're not new, and were part of a display in a fishing supply store on Long Island. I washed my lure booty and wondered how I'd use my fish stash in a necklace. Several months later, I made this, the first version. It's fantastic for summer in all of its hot, tropical, colorful goodness, combined with hammered copper rings, dyed coral beads, jade, chrysoprase, Peking and Czech glass beads.

The BEST PART of this piece is that it's CONVERTIBLE! Yep, it detaches to make a shorter necklace (from 32 to 24 inches) and bracelet - so you have complete versatility. It's the first piece that I've made that can do this, and I think it makes it even more interesting. It's so perfect for summer, on a hot summer night at a party, with a colorful and flirty outfit....

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