Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tea or Coffee?

I'm a coffee drinker here - have to cut down to one cup a day, but I do love a rich cup. I brew my own and take it with me or have it at home before I leave, so I don't spend unnecessarily at overpriced coffee bars. My local grocery just raised the price of beans to $8.99 a pound, which is high for this neighborhood. I used to love to buy coffee at Zabar's, but I don't live nearby there anymore, and I'm never at The Fairway, either, so I usually get it at my local. Maybe it's time to try out the cans in the supermarket like Martinson's?

There's no caffeine in these earrings, just an antique linen button, the kind that you'd find sewn on in rows on Victorian and Edwardian dresses a hundred years ago. They're epoxied inside sweet embossed brass and copper tea cups and hang from shiny copper handmade ear wires. A matching necklace features the same cup sitting atop another antique button, a gorgeously large, luminous mother of pearl. I think these pieces would be great for lovers of literature and British culture, as well as caffeine!

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