Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finally, A Second Shop on Etsy

Kenneth Jay Lane, Miriam Haskell, Taxco Silver, Whiting & Davis, and other vintage pieces.

I've been cluttering up my shop for two years with beads, fabric and vintage, and finally, finally decided to open a second shop. Sadly, I just listed some vintage and destash items and because I'm thrifty, won't be moving them over until they expire, so folks will be able to check out both shops. It's a relief to know that in future, things will look a little neater. So far there's only jewelry there, but they're nice pieces, and will be joined by more. I'm doing some online research about my signed pieces and their values, which is really interesting. I inherited some great pieces from my mother and aunt, and I'm so impressed with their taste - the pieces that I played with as a child are designer pieces - not outrageously collectible, but a good representation of American costume jewelry. It's so entertaining going to, trocadero,and bitzofglitz, to name a few. I was amazed to know that there are sites that show maker's marks of all kinds...incredible valuable. What did we do before the internet? Of course, the values are not consistent between sites, and many dealers set their prices very high vs. others and eBay, but it's been interesting, if very time-consuming, to research. Hopefully, people will think to come to Etsy for decent vintage, but my guess is that Google searches will lead more buyers to Etsy sellers for specific designers.

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