Friday, October 3, 2008

Inclement Autumn Sky

I wrote "inclement" as it seemed for a moment as if there might be another storm - we've had some decent storms here in NYC of late...but it was just a sudden roll-in of dark clouds. I am in awe of the dark field of clouds relieved by a glimmer of the sunny skies beyond. The day was brilliantly sunny and crisp and then, these dark clouds rolled in. This the sole view from my apartment, looking east; when the Yankees are at home and are playing, there is a distant glow on the horizon from the Stadium lights. It's not the greatest of views, but the eastern light in the mornings and afternoon is awesome, and there are no tall buildings around. It's actually possible to see the sky, which I could never do from anywhere else I've lived in the city.

When I did a season in Louisville, Kentucky in the '90s, I lived in a lovely residential hotel in Old Louisville, along with a bunch of other theatrical folk. There was a field next door, and during the first week of my stay, there was a thunderstorm with brilliant lightning. I turned off the lights, opened a bottle of wine, and sat in my living room watching the show. It was fantastic, as I'd never had a view like this anywhere. I still love to watch weather, and on Flickr I posted some shots of lightning from this window, taken in June, that showed some very interesting lightning shapes. The strikes are a lot faster than my reflexes, so it was a frustrating experience. If I can find them, I'll post them.

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