Monday, October 6, 2008

Storque Delivery & Front Page Monday!

I was checking Majaba to see if I'd had any new hearts over the weekend, with so few views lately, despite my listing like mad, when I saw that one of my new earrings, "Plum Pudding", had jumped from 0 to 37 hearts in an hour, and from 7 views to almost 500. It wasn't in a Treasury, but after some investigation, lo and behold, it was in a Storque feature, called "Amethyst" by TeenAngster, an Etsy admin. It's a lovely group of items in deep royal purple. I haven't felt much love from Etsy over my 2 years there; I'm almost never in the Gift Guides (unlike some others who are regulars, sometimes appearing more than once in a category) and to my knowledge have never been featured anywhere else, so I was quite tickled by this. I made a bunch of sales from the visibility, which are much needed.

I will attempt to post the Storque article, which will doubtless be hard to read, and the Front Page, which it also made, while I was busy vacuuming my apartment and studio.

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