Friday, October 10, 2008

The Gift of the Gift Guides

The week began with The Storque Amethyst feature, and ended with the Gift Guides...and I have another opportunity to be seen on Etsy without having to buy a Showcase slot (which I'm never doing again). I don't know when my Drop of Cognac chandelier crystal necklace made it into the Guides, as I can't remember when I last checked, but it's there and may lead to that blasted necklace finally being sold. I have six of those crystals in stock; one is currently used in another necklace, and I was so sure that they would fly out of the shop, as I often do with new supplies. I wish that I had $100 for every time I listed something that I was SURE would sell right away because the bead/finding/whatever was just so unique and beautiful...yawn.

I truly believe that you just have to wait until the right person comes along for a many times have I given up on a piece and decided to strip it for its parts when it expired, only to have someone come along and buy it?

So here's to the end of another tumultuous week. I may hit the Greenmarket again tomorrow (is it that time already?)and look forward to the colorful displays that await. Watch this space. :)

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